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We can help with everything from
how a site should look to how it should work
and no matter what your level of experience or expertise,
we will lead you through the process with ease.

  • building a site from the ground up
  • adding a new component to an existing site
  • or just fixing bugs you can't seem to get rid of

If you have a specific problem you would like an answer to, please feel free to contact us at info@newcanvas.com.

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Strategic Planning

  • Discovery

    It takes some planning to translate traditional business needs onto the web. Although each phase of the project is important, the Discovery Phase is crucial. The Discovery Phase determines the size and scope of the project and ensures that you have communicated all of your web needs to us before we begin development. Our Discovery process is thorough and will ensure that we are able to design a site that fulfills all of your current goals, and is flexible enough to integrate your future needs.

  • Site Layout/Navigation

    Unlike traditional marketing materials, the web is a non-linear platform. Therefore, page layout and navigation play a much more imporant role. There are many times that a visitor may not enter a site from the home page. We understand that it is important to know where you are within a site at all times, and that the navigation is clear and easy to use.

  • Web Architecture

    Web Architecture is the sum of all hardware, software and program language selections for a technology project. We do not sell "package solutions". We assess each project's specific needs individually and make web architecture decisions based on these specifics.

  • Solution Based Planning

    Solution Based Planning will help your site expand smoothly over the long term. When presented with an immediate need, we will explore flexible, functional and cost-conscious options that address this need as well as the long term goals of your project.

Technology & Design

Web Applications

Almost all aspects of business are now being conducted via the world wide web. Whether it's as simple as an e-mail form or as complex as a muti-distributed inventory system, we can convert your traditional business model into a web application that works.

Database Development

If you need to create, modify, delete or view a product catalog, press release archive, law precedent listings, student transcripts, session information, pricing structures, etc. you need a database. We are proficient at creating, updating, adding to, and selecting from SQL databases and tables.



We are e-commerce experts with experience in everything from single-product sites to Business to Consumer (B to C) sites to Business to Business (B to B) sites carrying thousands of products in inventory. This includes shopping carts, product catalogs, on-line inventory, tax rates, shipping structures, pricing & discount models, and product up-sells or cross-sells.

Privacy and Security

The top user concerns are privacy and security. We take these concerns very seriously. Not all sites have security and privacy needs, but for those who do security insures privacy. We implement the highest level of encryption supported by browsers today and then encourage our clients to define, and clearly post their privacy policy.

Account Management

We build account management solutions that allow separate input from both web user and business owners/employees. All this data is stored in a centralized system so that both can view and modify their specific information in real time with little or no delay. This assures that our clients are always viewing current information and can better serve the web user.


With personalization, you get a 24-hour virtual doorman that addresses your return-visitor by name, stores their shopping records, recalls their preferences, makes recommendations, and can emails them reminders.

Hosting & collocation


Website and e-Mail hosting from $20 a month

Dedicated Managed Leased Server

Regular price is $4,000 per year plus $500 set-up. Servers available today.

Dedicated managed leased server includes:
  • 1U of rack space
  • 1.5 amps of power
  • Bandwidth (1mbps per server using the 95th percentile algorithm, burstable to 100mbps)
  • All included sysadmin (installing and maintaining OS, raid, server security patches, monitoring, etc)
  • Free Remote hands
  • Dual L5420 CPU's (8 cores total)
  • 8GB RAM
  • Two 250G SATA hard drives in software raid1 (mirroring)
  • Dual bonded internet connections
* Upgrades available on request

  • Installing the server in the rack
  • Layout the partition table
  • Install the OS and software packages
  • Attaching the dual network cables to our network
  • Configure all installed packages
  • Set-up FTPS
  • Set-up HTTP
  • Set-up email
  • Set-up OwnCloud if desired
Default installed packages:
  • Apache HTTP
  • HTTPS SSL cert install if desired
  • MySQL
  • SMTP outbound email (sendmail)
  • IMAP inbound email (dovecot, saslauthd)
  • SPAM protection (milter-greylist, spamassassin)
  • OwnCloud if desired
  • iptables (Firewall)
  • fail2ban (Brute force hacking protection)
  • NTPd (Time server)
  • DNSmasq (DNS caching server)
  • crond (Event scheduling)
  • logrotate
  • logwatch (nightly log monitoring)
  • S.M.A.R.T. (hard disk monitoring)
  • mdmonitor (Raid monitoring)
  • lm_sensors (temperature monitoring)
  • PHP and Perl programming languages
* Additional or Custom packages available on request

Default Hardware/Software Monitoring:
  • Disk space (by partition)
  • Server temperature and fan speed (if published by the hardware)
  • Swap space
  • Total number of running processes
  • CPU load
  • Logged in users
  • Apache HTTP
  • MySQL
  • SMTP outbound email (sendmail)
  • IMAP inbound email (dovecot, saslauthd)
  • SPAM protection (milter-greylist, spamassassin)
  • OwnCloud if desired
  • iptables (Firewall)
  • fail2ban (Brute force hacking protection)
  • NTPd (Time server)
  • DNSmasq (DNS caching server)
  • crond (Event scheduling)
  • logrotate
  • logwatch (nightly log monitoring)
  • S.M.A.R.T. (hard disk monitoring)
  • mdmonitor (Raid monitoring)
  • lm_sensors (temperature monitoring)
* Additional or Custom monitoring available on request

Unmanaged collocation

Are you a do it yourself kind of company? Put your server in our rack for as little as $60 a month.


About us

A successful web site should appear intuitive and effortless ... even though it is really a complex series of artistic decisions and technical applications.


NEWCANVAS is a strong combination of graphic and technical designers, so we understand both the front and back end of the web. In other words, we have the skill-set, required to build a web presence that reflects your business, makes an impression, and encourages repeat traffic.

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